• 2021-02-12

Maternity Pads or Sanitary Pads- what is better during pregnancy

Maternity pads are the pads that are specially used during post-delivery. Sanitary Pads cannot be used after the delivery as they cannot control the blood flow. Both the pads can be used according to the blood flow. The best part of being pregnant is when you get to enjoy the journey of motherhood as well as "no-period time". It is an amazing feeling that you spent the last 9 months growing a human inside you. The stomach muscles stretch to allow the baby to grow inside. But as soon as the baby is born or delivered the entire scenario changes. So the changes do not occur physically but mentally as well. Studies estimate up to 8% of new mothers feel weepy and irritable. Most of them even end up going through anxiety and depression. So these changes occur during post-delivery. It seems beautiful in undergoing the stage of motherhood. But after a baby is born the body gets rid of blood and tissue that was inside the uterus. This is called vaginal discharge or lochia. For a few days, you will notice heavy bright red blood, you may even receive heavy blood clots like the size of a 50 cent coin. Over time the flow gets less and lighter in color. You may have to discharge for a few weeks or even months. Probably you'll notice the bleeding lessons over the next 6 hours to 12 hours while you're resting after the baby's birth. When you will get up and move around you may have to rush blood. This is because the blood pulls inside your body escaping when you change position. The other thing you will notice, after a week of delivery, that the blood becomes heavier and brighter.

This is when tissues are lost that was formed around the place where the placenta was attached. During breastfeeding you release the hormone Oxytocin which makes the womb tighten, forcing out Lochia. Towards the end of the first week, you may change to sanitary pads. After delivery tampons or normal sanitary pads are not allowed in the week after childbirth as it may increase the risk of infection. In a hospital, soon after the baby's birth, the mothers would be provided small sheets to sit on. If you are at home you may want to get a waterproof mattress cover for the bed or earlier a thick towel. Disposable knickers or big stretchy cotton knickers are good. Small knickers may be uncomfortable if you are having bruising or stitches. Hygiene and comfort are really important. Selecting the right type of material is very important. Different women have different choices on maternity pads.

Maternity Pads

Maternity pads are extra-long, more absorbent capacity. Maternity pads are designed for such situations. During pregnancy, the body nourishes the baby due to which volume of blood rises to 30% to 50%. Maternity pads are at least twice as absorbent as normal pads. The softness of maternity pads cannot be compared with that of any normal sanitary pads. Not only softness is present in maternity pads but also is long that covers a large area. The maternity pads which generally require depend upon the person or the blood flow. Generally, 2 to 3 packets of maternity pads are required with the containment of 8 to 10 pads per packet.

Advantages of Maternity Pads

It absorbs the maximum amount of blood and is fit for heavy blood flow. It is comfortable and easy to use. There are no chances of getting stained it's just you have to change it every 2-3 hours. While using the pad we should make sure to clean our hands before and after using it. Maternity pads are longer, wider in size. The material of maternity pads is soft and comfortable to wear. They are likely to not affect the stitches. Like ordinary sanitary pads, they don't have a plastic coating. Due to the heavy bleeding, post-delivery normal pads cannot sustain the blood flow.

Disadvantages of Maternity Pads

If the pad is worn for a long time then it may cause skin allergies like redness, irritation, and other such things. If not changed on time then stain may occur. Wearing pads does let the skin breathe which may cause discomfort. The vagina should be protected from such materials as these private parts easily absorb chemicals from pads. They are not eco-friendly and badly effects the environment.

Sanitary Pads

Sanitary pads are worn by women during a menstrual cycle. The girl attaining its puberty stage goes through the menstrual cycle. Sanitary pads collect this blood during ovulation and it needs to change after 4-5 hours. You will get different varieties of pads according to the flow. For heavy flow, they are super pads and for medium flow there contains regular pads. Pantyliners are also used for the least flow of blood. Normally young girls prefer pads to other sanitary products like tampons, menstrual cups, etc. Using sanitary pads you must make sure to wash hands before and after using the napkins. To remain hygiene is very important.

Advantages of Sanitary Pads

Using tampons and menstrual cups for a long time causes vaginal infection. Pads once used are thrown and a fresh pad could be used. But in the case of a menstrual cup, you will have to reuse it after washing it thoroughly, and if it is not washed properly then there comes a chance of infection. The pull out and insert of tampons and menstrual cup irritates the vagina. It protects from unwanted odors. Now sanitary pads offer up to 6-7 hours of protection and stains as well but previously sanitary pads were given 4-5 hours protection. From night stains there are pads available that protect from leakage.

Disadvantages of Sanitary Pads

The disadvantages Sanitary pads are again the same thing, it cannot be worn for a longer time. İt does let the skin breathe and thus irritating. Sanitary pads are made of cellulose gel which causes skin darkening. These pads contain BPA, BPS these plasticizers can lead to organ damage. There is also a chance of cervical cancer. Sanitary pads are made of synthetic materials and some addition of plastic as well. You will notice that if you use a sanitary pad for a much longer time a certain irritation will be felt. These pads contain chemicals like methylene, chloride, etc which causes bad effects on the reproductive system. Sanitary pads are not eco-friendly because of the presence of plastic in pads which when burnt causes air pollution. Even it does not decompose which is badly affecting the environment. Sanitary pads if used post-delivery then it can become a bit messy. You feel conscious continuously about the staining part and also feel discomfort when it comes to vaginal stitches. These pads are netted top layer which is hard against the stitched skin.

Yogirls Sanitary Pads

Yogirls is not only providing Sanitary napkins, senior diapers, and baby diapers but also provides Maternity Pads. Yogirls are purely organic and eco-friendly. As the pads are anti-bacterial and are very gentle to the skin and do not cause any irritation to the skin which helps in preventing itching, redness, etc. Yogirls also maintains the PH balance of the skin which some other pads are unable to provide. The pads have high absorbent quality due to the organic material which helps from leakage and stains. Organic materials are eco-friendly they least harm to the environment. So in fact Yogirls pads decompose within 2 years. A special thing that Yogirls provide is that is odorless. It controls the odor.

Yogirls have no side effects as in the market several Maternity pads are made of harmful chemicals when coming in contact with the vagina causes many infectious diseases. The vagina is the most delicate organ that easily absorbs chemicals from napkins. Yogirls sanitary napkin pads are made of soft, non-synthetic, and plant-based. They are cushiony and highly absorbent. The paper adhesive which is used in Yogirls pads is very strong. It is not like other ordinary adhesives. İt sticks properly on the panty so that it does not misplace the position. Yogirls pads help to keep you fresh and make you feel comfortable throughout the day. There are several cloths pads available in the market but they are not safe for the vagina. Yogirls sanitary pads are affordable at the same time. Yogirls target is to provide pads at an affordable price so that they can help women to maintain their hygiene during post-delivery or menstrual cycle. Ths pads of Yogirls are also easy to carry as it is shaped in such a way that it can be kept inside a purse. They contain several shapes and sizes of pads.To know more check out the Benefits of Yogirls Sanitary Pads.

Pregnancy is one of the best feelings for every woman. İt is cannot be expressed as it gives a woman a new life and a new feeling. But they are certain things to be maintained like using antiseptic things to protect from infection. Having a bath or shower at least once a day is required if possible. As the body loses a heavy amount of blood the body eventually the body becomes weak. So it's important to take proper care. For post-delivery maternity, pads are mostly used due to it is high absorbent quality. Towards the end of the first week, you may change to a sanitary pad.