• 2021-05-28

8 lessons to learn from Padman Movie - On Women's Menstrual Health

Padman is one of the few movies that gives us an idea about the taboo of menstruation in rural India. A humble, rural man named Lakshmikant Chauhan from India is on a quest to make life easier for his better half. From this movie, we also get to learn about the reality of period problems in India.

As this forms the crux of the movie, some layers define how easy or difficult it is to bring a revolution in this country. Easy because the character Lakshmikant Chauhan thinks that every problem is an opportunity to invent something new and difficult because every change has to pass through the society test and that sometimes has the most illogical approach towards the development of the project.

Back in 1998, a pack of commercially available sanitary pads would cost around Rs. 80, which was three days of grocery for the household. Seeing this problem as its apex, the character, Lakshmikant Chauhan decides to produce low-cost, more efficient sanitary napkins for rural women.

While Lakshmi, the protagonist fights through all these barriers to finally achieve his purpose, which is to make menstrual hygiene taboo-free and affordable for his wife and millions like her, we take this opportunity to learn a few lessons from this movie.

1. Keep Patience

From this extraordinary story, we learn how to keep patience to get the right thing or achieve something in life. Through all that struggle that Lakshmi faced, he always put a smile on his face and kept ongoing. His patience led him to the path of success.

Though he had to struggle for a longer period, his willpower finally made him the hero and he became known as PadMan. His patience cost him a big amount leading him to humiliation, banishment from him from his home village, wife, and family. The path that he chose was not easy but he remained constant and eventually won the war. Like Lashmikant, Kolkata also has its Padman, Mr. Banshi Bodley who came up with the idea to manufacture low cost, more effective sanitary napkin.

2. Society will always criticize your work and greatness

They will judge you, misunderstand you no matter whatever you do. They will neither encourage nor help, rather they will always try to put you in trouble. Lakshmi was at the beginning not getting any help, but by his determination and courage, he managed to fight against society. Like him, Mr. Bodley also faced challenges from society but kept on doing his work with full excellence and now he is the best sanitary pad manufacturer in Kolkata. He also shares with us the importance of using sanitary pads for basic hygiene.

Society criticizes you when you do not move or work according to their rules or such things that look odd to them. In the movie, we see how desperately Lakshmi wants to make her wife use sanitary pads and maintain hygiene. He truly loves his wife and for that, he tried all steps to make her comfortable, but unfortunately, all his ideas failed.

People started thinking him mad as he at one point gifted her sister sanitary napkins as a Rakhi gift which caused chaos in the house. He even ended up distributing other girls sanitary pads in the village in which the society made a joke of him and he felt ashamed about it. The period is a major topic to be discussed and in remorse village, it is a topic that is not supportive.

In the end, we see how those people who once humiliated him, then later praised him and welcomed him back to his village. This is a society where for one instance you become worse and for another site, you become a great person. He once was renowned as a pervert and later by society he was given the name PadMan.

3. No one will help you until you help yourself

Another important lesson that is to be learned is that no one will help you. You will have to make your path and walk along that way. In the movie, Lakshmi’s mother and wife leave him all alone throughout the journey. Ultimately we get to know that we are all alone in this harsh and realistic world. Here Lakshmi’s willpower is worthy to watch, where he is an 8th pass student and had little idea about the progressive world.

Through his wife Gayatri he got to know the problems of women in his village during periods. Through his struggle, he left the village and later on became a manservant in a professor’s home and saved each penny to make that perfect piece of the pad so that he can distribute them to every woman in the village. It was Lakshmi who helped himself and successfully served mankind.

4. How Women suffers during Periods

The film truly depicts the difficulties of women during periods. Lakshmi used to observe how Gayatri had to be banished from the household chores during the cycle. Lakshmi tried helping her buy sanitary pads but had to return them as it was expensive.

Women faced more disasters for using cloth pads which were highly unhealthy and caused various vaginal infectious diseases. Through this movie, we got to know about sanitary pads and how maintaining hygiene during the cycle is important. This depicts the true instincts or sights we can see in a village.

We also see another picture of how women are treated impure or dirty during the menstrual cycle, eventually, they are not just treated harshly but also feel bad about themselves.

5. Be Yourself a Mentor

Mentor will not come to you or support you as soon as you want to do big innovation or achieve something big in life. You will neither receive an angel in your life to help you. You have to fight against the odds. In the film, Lakshmi Chauhan does not get any mentor rather he becomes the mentor.

He used to work as a manservant in a professor’s house and there he gets to learn the making of a sanitary machine from Goggle baba and learns that the machine is worth a crore. From there he breaks those machines' processes into many parts and gets a beautiful idea of creating low-cost pads.

In the movie, it was Pari who helped him distribute those pads to the maximum ladies in the village. Lakshmi himself became a mentor and was later seen giving a lecture in front of the UN representatives. Being a class 8th pass student, people wanted to know more about him and his invention so basically when you are successful your qualifications aren't a big deal at all.

6. Dream Big and Focus on Your Goals

When you are determined in your work then no one can stop you from achieving it. Lakshmi had to pass through lots of tests, face humiliation, and other things that he had to face all alone but never thought of giving up.

He tried all steps to make his pad comfortable for his customers. When you give your 100% for the right product or the betterment of society then, God will surely shower his blessings.

When Lakshmi got to know about the Goggle baba and collected the information about the machine he accordingly saved money around INR 90,000 which resulted in him opening a small workshop with help of Pari who helped him during his journey Through his severe focus on goal he managed to make more money about INR 2 lakh. Here we get to know the importance of remaining focused on your Goal.

7. Test Yourself before giving it to Customers

To sell your products it's important to test them first by yourself. After the failure, Lakshmi tries on himself by attaching a balloon filled with goat blood, which leads to him getting blood all over his trousers in public. Lakshmi then later understood how women suffer in periods and how much of the quantity of material to be used in making a sanitary pad. Lakshmi Chauhan had done a good job by collaborating with the right person when he first made the sanitary pad. He distributed his pads to medical students so that he can get to know about the feedback and insights.

8. Work is completed when you are satisfied

Do the particular job Or aim that you want to do and not look back again. You have to move forward to reach your goal. The dream that you want to achieve will make you the happiest person in the world. The feeling that you will feel will be impeccable. We see in the ending how Lakshmi got back his respect, pride, money, and wife back through passing all those hurdles. To achieve your dream has not been an easy task, for the cost of that you had to pass a big price for that. In Hindi, there is a saying "Kuch paane ke Liye Kuch Khona Padta Hain", which is "No Pain, no Gain".

Lakshmi Chauhan was a very simple man living in a small remote village with the minimum education he had with him. Through that, he created such magic that he ended up making an invention. From here we also get to know that necessity is the new invention. His story inspires the youth of how willpower, determination, patience, and collaborating with the right persons can lead to your dreams.

Lakshmi truly made his dream come true and so did Mr. Bodley by introducing SC DREAM TRADERS and becoming the best sanitary napkin manufacturer in Kolkata. He also teaches us that we can do business with small investments. The important thing that Lakshmi showed is, if you want to achieve something big then it comes slowly and steadily. If your motive is honest then no one can stop you from achieving your goals. Everyone has the opportunity to see a dream but to fulfill your dreams you need to sacrifice several sleepless nights.