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How Yogirls Sanitary Napkin Pads Help Women During Periods

Growing up is a part of our natural process and to attain puberty is also natural. Periods or menstruation is a start towards womanhood as years passed by people started normalizing the pain and struggle of periods but before it was a taboo in our society. Through the ages, women have used different forms of sanitary pads.

The first-ever disposable menstrual pads were invented by Benjamin Franklin in the 19th century which he created to help stop wounded soldiers from bleeding. These pads were made from cotton wool or similar fibrous material and shaped in a rectangular piece and covered with an absorbent liner, the liner ends were extended front back to fit through loops in a special girdle or but one beneath undergarments.

Kotex’s first advertisement for products was made from cellucotton, wood pulp until disposable parts were created, women used homemade menstrual pads. In this way, sanitary pads changed within time and now there are varieties of pads available in the market according to the preferences of women on buying pads.

Yogirls Sanitary Napkin Pads help women during their periods. Depending on the skin, size, and shape women have plenty of choices to pick their pads during periods. Here are some points regarding looking for the right pad.

Know your periods

Different women have a different type of menstrual cycle some girls has heavy bleeding and some has lighter bleeding. It’s an important fact to know the type period which is occurring so that you can choose the right sanitary napkin.

Good absorbency

It is important to have that right pad that has good absorbent quality if you tend to use less absorbent pads then there’s a chance of leakage for those girls who have heavy bleeding. In this way, some girls cannot understand the type of period that they go through and they end up choosing the wrong sanitary pad. They are several pads available in the market starting from heavy absorbent to light absorbent pads some women use both heavy and light pads according to the condition of their periods.

The length and flow

60% of women wear the wrong size pad, thus giving a lot of misconception that all sanitary pads are the same and they leak as different women have a different reaction towards their periods. It depends on skin type, body shape, and flow. To know the right length is also an important fact. A longer daytime pad is designed for day shits and there are some which are designed for night shifts. You can prefer a sanitary pad with wings or without wings, thick pads or thin pads, or pads with overnight protection.

Look for the Right Material

Sanitary pads are either made of cotton or plastic netting. According to a survey conducted by Kao laboratories in Japan, when you put on a sanitary pad humidity levels in that area of your body increase to 85%. The menstrual flow itself leads to discomfort. On flowing days moisture levels are lower and constant robbing of this can lead to itchiness, dryness, and redness depending on the skin type you should use the right material.

Types of Sanitary Pads


A panty liner is smaller than a regular pad. It cannot soak much blood but it is used for lighter days for light blood flow. Ultralight pantyliners are ideal for everyday comfort.

REGULAR PADS(for medium flow)

These pads offer medium absorption. Some women use them on the third or fourth day of their menstrual cycle. But mostly women use regular pads rather than using a pantyliner or super pads.

SUPER PADS(for heavy flow)

These super pads offer heavy or higher absorbency. It's used on the first day of the menstrual cycle. These pads are designed in such a way to prevent it from leakage and to absorb the maximum amount of blood. The night pads are super pads providing stain protection.


Cloth pads are eco-friendly pads as they are reusable and at the same time washable. They are made up of soft fabrics and comfortable to use.


These pads are also reusable and washable. They come along with a slit in the center for inserting absorbent liners.

Benefits of using Yogirls sanitary napkins

• Yogirls sanitary napkins are safe as it is made up of organic material and it is anti-bacterial.

• The Yogirls pads prevents irritation or skin rashes and due to the organic material being used it is super delicate for the vaginal skin.

Yogirls sanitary pads maintain Ph balance because some pads during the flow period disbalance is the pH balance which causes dryness, redness, etc and unhygienic for our body.

• Another special feature about this part is that it controls the odor. Women during their cycle has a very bad odor coming out from the body and it becomes very uncomfortable to go out as a result some can’t go to work, school, or colleges due to the odor problem. It neutralizes odor.

• The Yogirls sanitary napkin has high Absorbent quality because its organic material prevents it from leakage and stains due to its natural ingredient. It is long-lasting as compared to other pads.

• Organic material is eco friendly as the earth is becoming a junkyard, on an average day due to plastics and other hazardous waste it is affecting the earth. Natural products reduce Environmental effects. Andrea Donsky the author of ‘Label Lessons', stated that By burning a cotton sanitary pad reduces harmful fumes and smokes which results in air pollution.

• It provides No Side Effects as in the market there are sever napkins made of harmful chemicals. When coming into contact with the vagina, causes many infectious diseases. The vagina is the most delicate organ that easily absorbs chemicals. So therefore it is always safe to use organic material-based sanitary pads that are safe for your body.

• Yogirls napkins provide your skin to breathe freely due to organic material and it prevents the blockage of the skin so that the vagina breathes and does not cause any irritation.

• Synthetic fibers contain a small amount of cotton. Some do not contain cotton at all but above all these synthetic fibers cause allergic reactions such as rashes. Yogirls napkins are organic and safe.

• According to a lot of women it was found that the wetness was more noticeable. Yogirls napkins help to seals the wetness and provide comfort.

• Healthline says that it takes 800 years to fully decompose a pad. Whereas organic pads decompose within 2 years. The material present in Yogirl napkins is fully eco-friendly.

• The World Health Organization explained that dioxins which are present in non-organic pads cause hormonal issues, issues with the immune system, reproductive issues, etc.

Yogirl napkins are affordable, safe for the environment as well as provide comfort.

Importance of Sanitary Pads

Taking good care of yourself during menstruation is important. A little negligence can cause a high risk of infection in the body. During the 18th century, women were kept in cattle shelters or some unhygienic places during the menstrual cycle. They had to use dirty clothes that were not properly washed due to the fact that many women died of various gynecological or vaginal infections. Even in today's age when menstrual hygiene products like a sanitary napkin, tampons, menstrual cup, etc. Women don't use the basic form of menstrual protection.

Using old clothes are unsafe and it's some way hampers the day to day activities of women. Around 23 million girls drop out of school every day due to the menstrual cycle due to the leakage and stain problem, affordable sanitary pads. In many Hindu traditional homes, many menstruating women are not allowed to do household chores. Even they are not allowed to touch idols, not performing any kinds of puja. They are considered impure. It is also important to educate girls on menstruation. Proper maintenance of the body during periods is more important.

Menstruation is a normal biological process. It occurs due to the eggs released by the ovary which is not fertilized. The egg along with the uterine lining not prepared for implantation of a fertilized egg is shredded out in the form of blood. This contains blood, mucous and lining tissues. Cleanliness of the genital area and maintaining hygiene reduces 97% of infection. Changing napkins every 4 hours and washing every time are a small step towards good hygiene. It is very easy to put on a sanitary. You just have to take out the backside paper and fit it into the panty.

During periods you should not throw the napkin open instead insert it into a plastic or roll and wrap it in a newspaper or a piece of paper and dump it into the dustbin. Dumping used pads at the roads or open space is inappropriate. During the cycle you should maintain the body by taking fruits, greeny vegetables, drinking tons of water to flush out the impurities from inside the body, not drink much caffeine, etc. Many girls or women suffer from abdominal pain that is cramped. Some even vomit goes through severe headaches etc. In such a situation it is necessary to keep yourself hygiene, take a proper amount of protein, carbs, and even some light exercises that can reduce abdominal pain.

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