• 2021-01-08

How to choose the right sanitary pad

Many women do not like to discuss their issues regarding menstruation and its related sufferings. Most of them are not aware of the basic things to consider while purchasing the sanitary pad. Every woman has a unique preference when it comes to buying sanitary pads. But before purchasing they might consider a few things like skin type, body type, and sizes. So the next you buy your sanitary pad you must consider the below-mentioned points.

The first commercial menstrual pad was used to stop blood from coming out of soldier's wounds. But after the 19th century, it came to highlight that the commercial menstrual napkin pads can be used to stop the blood flow. The first disposable sanitary pads were made out of pure cotton which was placed on a rectangular piece of cloth and sides attached with liners. But this posed a problem as the pad moved back and forth which caused the flow to leak. In the later years, the adhesive was attached at the bottom of the pad which would stick to the panty and this came to the modern sanitary pad.

Look for the Sanitary Material

Before purchasing a sanitary pad you should always take a look at the composition of the material used in the pad. Some of the materials may be organic and some may contain chemicals that may irritate skin and lead to skin rashes. You must take more care if you have sensitive skin. Cotton pads work for all types of skins. The nice fragrance is quite harmful while the non-fragrant must be used most of the time says gynecologist, Dr. Deepa Dureja. And keeping in mind climate change we should also do as much as possible by reducing our contribution to the climate by using bio-friendly sanitary pads.

The Length and Flow

The two most important aspects to keep in mind while buying sanitary are the flow and length. Choosing the right sanitary for your period is quite painful where it comes to length. The best way to know which pad holds your flow for a longer period is by giving a trial to each one when you first get your period. If your flow is heavy go for longer pads and if your flow is lighter opt for the shorter pads. This depends on your body type and your flow. There are some special sanitary pads for nights that give longer absorbing power with a longer and wider back which prevents you from staining bed sheets while sleeping.

Absorbing Capacity

One of the components of a sanitary pad is the absorbing capacity of the pad. One should always take into account this factor while purchasing a sanitary pad. The more absorbing capacity of the sanitary pad the better for you. A good pad should absorb most of your flow without any leaks. Most women use both types of absorbencies pads like the heavy absorbent for heavy flowing days and light absorbent pads for lighter days.

Understanding Your Cycle

Every woman or girl has different body types and so they tend to have different symptoms and duration to their menstruation cycle. So before purchasing a sanitary pad or a tampon one must take into consideration their duration of cycle and symptoms which when becomes handy while purchasing the right type of sanitary pad.

Types of Sanitary Pads

In the market, there are about ten to twelve types of sanitary pads but here we will talk primarily talk about the top five most important types of sanitary pads you should know.

Firstly the regular pads offer medium absorbency, it is best when your flow is not heavy. Secondly, super pads have a very high capacity of absorbing and are very helpful on your heavy flowing days. Third, night pads which are quite thicker and longer than normal pads offer a great absorbing capacity for a longer period and keep you covered during your sleep time. Fourth, is the very helpful maternity pads which are a must for new moms. These sanitary pads are extra-thick and sometimes it even comes with an aloe vera coating to prevent irritation and rashes.

Benefits of using Yogirls Sanitary Napkin Pads

  • Yogirls sanitary napkin pads are antibacterial and Virus. The sanitary pads are made from organic material which prevents any irritation or skin rashes when used. Our sanitary napkins also have a good fragrance which enhances one's mood on her periods.
  • Our sanitary napkins maintain a balanced PH level which ensures that no harm is is is done to the vital organ. Maintaining a good pH level also give the pad a good impression for the customer while purchasing.
  • While having periods a bad odor always grabs your attention and even if you use your perfume on your body it still smells. So to give a solution to this problem our sanitary napkin comes with a nice and which enhances your mood during the period.
  • Our sanitary pads insurance that your vagina does not get infected or have any rashes during your period so we come up with the idea of having some organic material in our product that prevents vaginal infection.
  • Yogirls Sanitary Napkin Pads provides a good health check on your private part and also keep your groin healthy. Our sanitary napkin pads help you to strengthen your immune system and fight any bacterial infection if happening due to the blood flow.
  • During periods women lose a lot of blood that leads to dizziness and in this scenario, blood circulation plays a vital role in keeping your body normal. Our sanitary napkin pads help you to get through this problem as it helps in maintaining proper blood circulation throughout your whole system.
  • The Yogirls Sanitary Napkin Pads are different from others because it is made using several high absorbent organic material which prevents any leaking or stains which was a problem of the past. But with our product, you will never have to worry about any seepage or stains as it absorbs the flow for more than five hours at one go.
  • As mentioned earlier that our sanitary napkin pads are made from organic material and to be specific it is made from 100% pure unwoven cotton which is very soft to the delicate area and also provides a comfortable, soft, and light sensation to the user and prevents from stain marks to your favorite bedsheet and dress.
  • Yogirls Sanitary Napkin Pads are quite breathable and airy because we use air led paper which is very soft and does not cause any problem like inflammation or any rashes. The air led paper is a soft dust-free paper that helps to lock any water absorbents and prevent backward leakage.

Why Sanitary Pads are important

It is important and recommended to use sanitary napkin pads during menstruation other than anything like any piece of cotton cloth to prevent any bacterial infection or skin rashes to one of the most vital and delicate areas of your body. As this is a natural cycle of every woman so they always keep in mind that self-hygiene is the most important thing even before using a sanitary napkin pad.

To keep safe and hygienic down there women should always use cotton sanitary napkin pads for better absorbing of the flow, but should they also keep in mind to change the pad every 4 to 5 hours during the menstrual cycle. They must always keep the vaginal area clean and wash it every time they change the sanitary napkin pad to avoid any bacterial infection or any related diseases. Due to the menstrual flow, women have severe cramps and pain in the abdominal area. To ease and get comfort from the pain and the cramps one should always take warm baths and use warm bottled water during the cycle.

During your menstrual cycle, you should never throw your used sanitary napkin pads in the open as it is very unhygienic, and from your used sanitary pad several bacterial diseases can spread which is a very bad habit, so never throw your used sanitary napkin pads in the open. Always use a plastic bag or a closed bag to dispose of the used sanitary napkin pad. You should never wait for your sanitary napkin to get fill and then you will dispose of it. This will cause you leakage and bad odor can occur due to the process. So never wait for your sanitary napkin pad to get fill up to the last minute else you should change your sanitary napkin pad every 4 to 5 hours to maintain good hygiene and the clean area down there. During your cycle, you should never use any soap or shampoo in the vaginal area because at that time your vaginal area becomes very delicate and prone to any bacterial infection. So it is always better to use some medication to wash the area. And last but not least you should never flush your sanitary napkin pad as it may cause serious drain blockage. Contact SC Dream Traders for information.