• 2021-05-21

How sanitary pads could make anyone a better parent?

Parenting perhaps is one of the most arduous tasks in the world. It comes with the valuable responsibility of guiding the child through the different phases of life and preparing him/her for all the difficulties and breakthrough changes that life has to offer. Printing a girl child in itself is a combination of various sensitive tasks, one of the most important being creating awareness about menstruation, and in a way that the child doesn't feel uncomfortable, scared, and stigmatized.

Conservatism often forbids parents to have heart-to-heart conversations about significant biological processes and consequent physical changes with their children. Parents tend to hush about sensitive and at the same time practical topics, be it menstruation or sexual activity. Even educational institutions in many parts of the world did not yet include education on such topics. An educational curriculum mostly focuses on biological discourse and doesn't really prepare children (especially females) for sudden 'growing up' and thus the onus to a great extent lies on parents.

A good parent must not really rely on alien sources to educate their child on delicate and at the same time important phenomena like menstruation. He or she can be the best educator for a child who is exceedingly close to the parents and mostly trusts them to be perpetually right. Therefore, a parent, without giving in to undue conservatism, must befriend the child and discuss mature stuff with utmost clarity. A better parent, on the other hand, encourages realistic conversation on varied significant ideas like body positivism and hygiene that includes definite dialogue on which sanitary napkin to use while menstruating and preparing the girl for a healthy living.

1. A father can be a good parent too-

When it comes to serious discussion on menstruation or educating a girl child about the physical changes she would face, we always looked up to her mother or other female members of her family like her grandmother, aunts, and elder sisters. A male parent is hardly considered playing this indispensably important role. But a father can be a better parent too and can play this significant role as capaciously as a mother does. One reason behind rooting for mothers is the fact that they themselves go through the process and know things the best. But a father to you can talk to his child and make her conscious about menarche and the entire cycle that follows.

2. Educating children irrespective of gender-

Besides educating girls about 'growing up, it is also vital for parents to encourage similar conversations with the male child so that they learn to consider the process as normal and not engage in unnecessary ignorance as well as prepare them to help their female friends or family members if a situation arises.

3. Steps to be taken by a better parent-

The first significant step as per the aforementioned discourse is to let children know of the entire process of menstruation. Some parents do that beforehand why some may prefer to talk about this only when a child goes through the process. It is essential for them to know 'what, why, and how' and treat the same with a calm mind.

A sudden sight of bloodstains might scare a girl and she could feel helpless without knowing what to do or who to seek help from. So a child is expected to be prepared in such a way that she not only identifies the phenomena but is also aware of the steps to be taken. Of these steps, the most essential one is to use a good sanitary napkin.

Parents to inculcate the idea of which sanitary napkin to plump for, the reason behind doing so, the correct ways to use and dispose of the same could definitely make anyone a better parent.

A good sanitary napkin should include all the factors that would multiply comfort while shrinking the discomforts. On the days of periods, a girl, instinctively, would be most scared about stains and odor. The sanitary napkin she starts using must be of a comfortable shape, size, and material that would be compatible with the heavy flow and also promise dryness. It is also of relative importance to let her have knowledge about hygiene, skin sensitivity, and the requirement to choose sanitary napkins that are both skin-friendly and environment friendly. Given all these criteria, a girl must know of all the various sanitary napkins available in the market and develop a sense of the best one.

One such sanitary pad that would include all the beneficial qualities to cater to the needs of girls or women at large is Yogirls sanitary pads. Categorized as a hygienic product, it comes with a 9 layer protection made with organic substances that reduces the chances of minor infections and deadly diseases. It consists of soft side guards made of cotton fabric that prevents leakage and irritation as well as a non-woven cotton surface that prevents wetness. The Air-Laid Paper reduces backflow and the ultra-soft quality doesn't cause quick reactions. The presence of Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) locks up odour and escalates comfort. The breathable bottom of these sanitary pads expels the excess moisture that comes with sweating and leads to eating and irritation. These qualities assist in maintaining pH balance, prevent vaginal infection, and restrict the growth of bacteria and viruses. Therefore parents opting for Yogirls sanitary pads make sure that children do not suffer from unnecessary tension or physical exhaustion and remain as relaxed and carefree.

Apart from imparting knowledge about the phenomena and the right product to use, a better parent must make sure that the girl child feels celebrated and not discriminated against. Unnecessary rituals followed by families could develop in their minds a feeling of unfairness and bigotry leading to the thought of considering oneself as impure. All the efforts must be made to negate such negative feelings and instill in girls confidence, comfort and positivity and prepare them to conquer the world even on the wet days, without any hesitation.