• 2021-06-04

How safe are Sanitary Pads in Kolkata

Menstruation is the monthly bleeding of the uterus of women. It is a very natural biological process wherein blood and the associated soft tissues are released from the uterus through the vagina as a part of the menstrual cycle. A period occurs due to the changes in hormones in the body. However, women around the world do face lots of problems because of menstruation. Some for the irregularities, for the health issues, un-comforts, and many other problems. So, as per the needs civilization copped up with the sanitary pads. It solved the problems for the women from various angles. Let’s get a throwback in the history of the birth of sanitary pads.

Before this invention of sanitary pads, most women used a lot of unsafe methods to control their menstrual flow. They used paper, moss, sand; grass, etc. which is then folded inside a cloth and used as sanitary pads, which in long run caused a lot of harm to the human body.

Disposable sanitary pads had their start with nurses using them with wood pulp bandages to absorb their menstrual flow, creating a pad that was made from easily obtainable materials and inexpensive enough to throw away after use. Gradually this concept got spread out all over the world for the sake of mankind. The idea got its new and good shape by various well-known, branded companies. Women get a big help from their sides. In India as well as in Kolkata the concept came after many decades. Women must know what are sanitary pads and how it is used.

When a woman enters a store and picks up a pack of the sanitary napkins she wants and the storekeeper, who starts to wrap the product in an old newspaper and hands it over to her. She pays in a blatant silence before hastily exiting the shop.

There are no proper ways to dispose of the sanitary napkins sold in India after use. But the use of some chemicals in sanitary pads mounts questions over how safe they are. That’s usually how a woman buys a pack of sanitary napkins in India, where the matter of menstrual hygiene is typically not discussed in the modest company, let singly in public. So to bring a solution SC DREAM TRADERS which is the best sanitary pad manufacturer in Kolkata launched their best hygienic and eco-friendly sanitary napkins - Yogirls Sanitary Napkins.

Two types of pads do the same job but are used a little bit differently.

  • Reusable pads: These pads should be washed after each time you wear them. They are sold in natural health stores or online. Reusable pads easily clip onto a girls' underwear without much issue. Women find it easy to use these pads because they feel they can be safely disposed of and not harm the environment and also save more money.
  • Disposable pads: Most of the pads have sticky strips along their bottom. The user has to peel off the sticky strip of paper that covers the adhesive portion and press the pad on the surface of your underwear. If the pads have wings, you need to wrap these around the bottom of the crotches. After using the sanitary pad, just unstick it from the surface of your innerwear and wrap it in toilet paper.

The different types of disposable sanitary napkins:-

  • Pantyliner: This sanitary pad is designed to absorb daily vaginal discharge, light menstrual flow, spotting on the clothes, slight urinary incontinence, or as a backup for a tampon or menstrual cup use.
  • Ultra-thin: This type of sanitary pad is compact and thin, which has an absorbing capacity of a Regular or Maxi/Super pad but with less bulk.
  • Regular: This is a middle-range absorbing capacity sanitary pad used by most women.
  • Maxi/Super: This is a large size sanitary pad, which is very helpful during the initial days of the menstrual cycle when menstruation is often heaviest.
  • Overnight: It is made as a longer pad to allow for more protection while the wearer is lying down, with an absorbency suitable for overnight use.
  • Maternity pads: These pads are generally slightly longer than a regular pad and are designed to be worn to absorb after childbirth.

The best sanitary napkin manufacturer in Kolkata has a solution for women with sensitive skin. A large number of women like to wear sanitary pads during their periods and they wear an extra thin pad made for everyday wear between their periods. These are called panty liners. These are so much adjusting and make everyone comfortable in their daily lives.

People in Kolkata are not aware of sanitary pads. Not only in Kolkata but in many other cities of India. Some women feel shy while there is a topic on sanitary napkins. Nowadays ladies are also participating in various events and getting in touch with many out-field works. During periods they need to face them where sanitary napkins can be a solution. There are many benefits to use sanitary pads.

Sanitary napkins are a woman's best companion. They work wonders in women's lives by giving much-needed liberty besides securing them during the toughest days of the month. Hygienic practices during the menstrual cycle were unsatisfactory levels found in a survey in the rural area as compared to the urban areas in Kolkata. Girls in the rural areas should be educated about proper hygienic usage of sanitary pads as well as bring them out of traditional beliefs, wrong conceptions, and the tough restrictions regarding menstruation. The Government of West Bengal is hopefully cooperating with the backward classes to bring them up. Many functions have already been taken by the government’s authorities. Such activities will enlighten the women and will lead them to take steps outside.

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