• 2021-01-25

How Banshi Boldey Changing the Society

S.C Dream Traders was established in 2017 under the mentorship of Banshi Boldey. The reason for his interest in doing sanitary business rather than other businesses, it’s because of the problems he got to meet from his close friend during the menstrual cycle. He observed uncertain hygiene maintenance that his friend used to do and from his female friends. He also felt some way that women are not taking proper care of themselves during their cycle and caring for gynecological, vaginal infections in their body. He observed the price of sanitary napkins is unaffordable and it’s quite expensive for females.

Who is Banshi Boldey

It was quite difficult for Banshi Boldey to start his business as he is a disabled person. He even left his government job to help women by providing them cheap, hygienic sanitary napkins and not letting any women use old, shabby clothes during periods. He also came to know that many girls drop out of school due to the menstrual cycle. Even though he is 75 percent disabled, he kept on saving each penny to start his business and did not lose hope. He is now just 22 years old and his business is flourishing day by day. The company is situated in Doltala, Noapara, Kamarabad, Sonarpur, South 24 Parganas, 700150, WB. S. C dream traders are involved in the manufacturing, trading, importing, exporting, wholesaling, retailing, of sanitary pads, baby diapers, and adult diapers. The company also manufactures branded products as well as non-branded products. The name of the products they supply is Yogirls sanitary pads for women, Yobaby for baby diapers, and Yosenior for adult diapers.

How Yogirls Products help women

The vagina is the most delicate organ that easily absorbs chemicals from sanitary napkins. Yogirls napkins pads have breathable top sheets that allow the skin to breathe freely and prevent it from blockage. İt has long-lasting compatibility. According to a lot of women, it was found that wetness was more noticeable and Yogirls sanitary napkins do not let you feel the wetness. Another feature of Yogirls napkins is that of its high absorbent quality. The sap that is used is of high absorbent compared to other saps.

These napkins maintain the Ph balance compared to other pads and it’s hygiene. Most importantly it controls the odor due to the presence of anion in the pads. On flowing days, moisture levels are lower and constant rubbing of the skin leads to itching and redness. Cotton is the perfect material for a sanitary napkin. The most important fact about this pad is that it helps from stain and leakage. Yogirls napkins provide a wide range of pads according to the comfort and type of cycle that women go through. It provides panty liner, regular pads, super pads, and Small, Large, XL pads, and Doube Extra Large pads. The panty liners are thinner and lighter. Pantyliners are ideal for soaking up blood. The Small or the regular size is 155mm and can soak up 30ml. The Large (L) size is 240mm, the Extra Large (XL) also comes with a size of 280mm. XXL pads are for those who experience high blood flow and it’s 320mm and has a capacity of soaking up to 100ml. The adhesive wings used in pads are very firm and well fitted in the panty liner. In some products, the adhesive used is not well fitted, and as a result, it slips out, and there becomes a chance of leakage and stain. Yogirls napkins have wider backs, good coverage, bigger wings. The advantage of using Yogirl pads is that it can be carried in a purse for their convenient length and shape. It is easy to be carried anyway.

Different Types of Yogirls Products

Baby diapers also come in a variety of sizes and are affordable. The Yobaby diapers have two kinds of shapes one is pullovers and the other is disposable diapers. Like the sanitary napkins, the Yobaby diapers are an excellent absorbent. It is made with natural material and is antibacterial. Organic substance is found in these diapers; as a result it’s eco-friendly and also takes care of the very sensitive skin of babies. A leaky diaper can cause the contact to wetness which there is a chance for the baby to fall sick. The main motto is to keep the baby dry. The Yobaby diaper is breathable so as not to restrict airflow to the baby's bottoms. It is stretchable enough for the baby to fit into diapers. To keep the baby’s skin safe it is also important to prevent rashes and other skin allergies.

In the same way, Yoseniors adult diapers are also made with organic material and are also safe for the skin. They contain high absorbent quality which prevents leakage. İt is stretchable at the same time, breathable for the skin to remain safe. The adult diapers of S.C Dream Traders are very much helpful for those patients who are dealing with complete bladder loss or fecal incontinence. For these patients require heavy-duty diapers. There contains a gel that controls odor.

Why SC Dream Traders is the Best Sanitary Pads Manufacturer

These are the products that S.C Dream Traders bring out. S.C Dreams Traders compared with other companies in sanitary materials is purely organic material made that is plant-based material, cotton. S.C DreamTraders provide the maximum comfort within the affordable range. The material they provide is both safe and comfortable to the skin which prevents skin rashes or other infections because it’s anti-bacterial. The absorbent quality cannot be compared with other sanitary napkins found in the market. It absorbs maximum fluid in sanitary napkins, baby diapers, and adult diapers. The type of pads they provide is all-natural, soft, and non-synthetic. Other companies use synthetic material that is harsh on the skin and can cause many infectious diseases. The sanitary material is bumpy and soft compared to other sanitary materials provided by other companies.

S.C Dream Traders are not just affordable but also very environmentally friendly. Normally the pads that are made of synthetic material contain harmful substances and take 800 years to decompose and if burned then releasing harmful fumes which can cause air pollution. Whereas Yogirls products decompose within 2 years and least harms the environment. S.C. Dream Traders also donated sanitary pads to Prahlad Sardar who is a karate trainer and he distributed them for free to his female students in his village. Not only he distributed the sanitary napkin pads to his female candidates but also all the women around his village.