• 2021-05-14

Best Sanitary Pads for Sensitive Skin

The term sensitive is one of the many words chronically used in our day-to-day life. It generally stands for a quick reaction that ends in severe negative implications. Although the term is used in various references, it is mostly used in reference to a specific type of skin. Sensitive skin is the type of skin that is more likely to run into injurious reactions or infections and different forms of inflammations if exposed to unsuitable conditions and ill-suited products. People with this type of skin tend to be conscious while choosing their products- from hair dyes to perfumes and so on.

One of the foremost commodities that a good percentage of the female population belonging to a certain age group avail themselves of every month is sanitary pads. Even sanitary pads might contain harmful substances like chemicals or fragrances that can have adverse effects on the skin leading to infections, inflammations, and rashes, making the uneasy days a lot more excruciating. But, do women consider skin sensitivity while plumping for sanitary pads? If they do, which sanitary pads should they consider for buying? Will those fulfill the other vital criteria as well? A short discourse on the same might help us better understand.

There are numerous factors that women look for while buying sanitary pads that would comfort them the most during the uncomfortable days of the month. To name a few would be softness, longevity, absorbance, length, odor control, and others. When it comes to skin sensitivity, apart from the aforementioned ones, being organic becomes an important factor. Organic materials are easily translated as being almost natural and devoid of artificial substances that could torment the skin. Thus, organic sanitary pads are skin-friendly in particular and environment-friendly at large.


Sanitary pads compatible with skin sensitivity are available in various shapes and sizes all over the world. Manufactured by different brands these are indoor with the general standards that cater to the divergent needs of women across the globe. A few of such sanitary pads are:

1. Yogirls sanitary napkin pads

SC Dream Traders came up with very congenial sanitary pads named Yogirls Smart sanitary napkin, that can be used by women during the days of menstruation, both during heavy flow and light flow. With its various well-thought, well-researched and well-made qualities, it can be genuinely labeled as a good sanitary pad that can be a pleasant companion to women. The materials used in these smart sanitary napkins testify to the fact that it can be regarded as one of the best sanitary pads for sensitive skin.

  • Categorized as a hygienic product, it comes with a 9 layer protection made with organic substances that are very smooth on the skin and sustains a healthy lifestyle while reducing the chances of not only minor infections but also diseases as deadly as cancer.
  • It consists of soft side guards made of cotton fabric that not only prevents leakage but also the irritation and minor cuts caused by other hard plastic-made side guards.
  • The upper surface is made of soft non-woven cotton that prevents unwanted wetness.
  • Chip-magnetism of negative ions and four-in-one functional chips of Nano and Anion reduce menstrual discomfort,‌ one quality that women look for the most.
  • The Air-Laid Paper used to prevent leakages and backflow are ultra-soft and does not cause quick reactions.
  • The wetness is absolutely locked with the Super Absorbent Polymers (SAP) made by the renowned Japan Sumitomo Sap that abstains from using strong chemicals, keeping in mind the health and skin issues of women.
  • The professional diversion layer checks the rapid spread of liquid, preventing leakage and consequent stain, a factor that a woman on her period is most conscious about.
  • The breathable bottom of the sanitary pads expels the excess moisture and the heat that causes undue sweating and leads to itching and irritation.
  • The food-grade type too is discontinuous and devoid of fluorescence that could result in skin diseases.

All these qualities help to maintain the pH balance, prevent vaginal infection and rashes as well as restricts the growth of bacteria and viruses. Thus, consumers of this product do not suffer from unnecessary tension or physical exhaustion and remain ad radiant as on their dry days. Most importantly, the sanitary pads with these super qualities are available at a pocket-friendly price that makes them easily affordable for women all across.

Yogirls Sanitary Pads

2. Stayfree Advanced

The all-night ultra-comfort sanitary pads are meant for giving the utmost comfort during the days of heaviest flow so that the users can sleep well without the fear of staining. It comes with a clinically acclaimed irritation-free e soft-touch cover that suits the sensitive skin much. It uses natural extracts to prevent odours and doubles the fresh feeling without causing irritation or other discomforts.

Stayfree Advanced

3. Whisper Ultra Soft Air Fresh

The most vital requisite of a sanitary pad for sensitive skin is softness. Whisper ultra soft promises this aforementioned requisite that prevents rashes and is gentle on skin. The 500 pores on the surface of these pads are breathable and maintain the freshness of the air, reducing the dampness without giving in to any quick reaction.

Whisper ultra soft

4. Sofy Antibacteria Super XL+

As the name goes, the sanitary pads prevent the growth of bacteria and come in a comfortable long size, and slim shape. The absorbent green sheet made of natural extracts averts leakage even during heavy flow. The antibacterial factor and natural fragrance of the perfume tree play the most definite part in ensuring comfort to sensitive skin.

Sofy antibacterial

5. Pee Safe Biodegradable

The 100% organic cotton pads are made up of an acute combination of pure cotton and bamboo extracts, thus being biodegradable, proving to be comfortable for women, and is also harmless to nature. Devoid of any form of chemicals whatsoever, what comes from nature goes back to nature after 18-24 months of composting.

Pee Safe Biodegradable

Thus there is available a wide range of soft pads with organic extracts meant for sensitive skin. The different qualities of satisfaction available in the various products can be found in the Yogirls sanitary pads. It is indeed an all-in-one product and undoubtedly is as smart as the name suggests.

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