• 2021-02-03

Benefits of S.C. Dream Traders's Distributorship

S.C dream traders is a company that has been helping many people by supplying good quality and affordable sanitary products. Since 2017-2021 it has flourished nourished and received good reviews on its products. Banshi Boldey the owner named the sanitary products Yogirls and it just not only provides sanitary napkins but also provides diapers, adult diapers, and under sheets. The baby diapers are known as Yobaby and for adults diapers, Yosenior and under sheets are known as Yobed. Banshi Bodley's target is to provide proper sanitary hygiene products to every people at an affordable price. Another interesting feature you will come across is the material used in the sanitary products is different from other renowned sanitary products material. It is entirely made up of organic material and eco-friendly to the environment. Yogirls sanitary products are natural made of soft, non-synthetic plant-based material. It has the least side effects.

The office is registered in Baribhangabad, Raidighi, South 24 Parganas, 743349 of the state of West Bengal in country India. The possessing office address is Noapara, Doltala, Kamrabad, Rajpur, Sonarpur, Kolkata 700150 in the state of West Bengal in the country India.

How to join the Distributorship

Yogirls have not only supplied sanitary products but also has several benefits for the distributors or regarding the distributorship. The distributor joins the business by agreeing with the company by giving Rs. 40,000 and the joining the distributorship program. The company then provides sanitary products worth Rs. 40,000. To maintain the distributorship ₹40,000 is required every 3 months within the first 10 days of those months. The company for its satisfaction in these 4 months observe whether to continue the distributorship or not. Yogirls will set a target sales for the 5th month onwards to the distributor basing on 4 months performance sale. If a problem arouses or disputes then on mutual concern both the distributor and the owner will sort it out. Yogirls provide the monthly scheme. It also provides a half-yearly scheme and annual schemes from the 3rd month.

Benefits of Distributorship

Yogirls will provide promotional materials on a panty liner, Yogirls, Yobaby, Yosenior, Yobed, etc. Yogirls under any circumstances will not allow the distributor to take the distributor to buy the products. Yogirls would provide a monthly scheme even they would arrange training for the distributor. The company provides an insurance policy to the distributor. Yogirls will arrange the yearly tour to the distributor for refreshment and even based on a good sale. Yogirls will also arrange a yearly gift for them.

As Yogirls products are maintaining the fluency of the market it is the duty of the distributor that it should keep a sufficient quantity of stock. If the company made any payment changes then it’s the responsibility of the company to refund or further make an adjustment with the distributor. Yogirls keeps a record of both the distributor and retailer. It is compulsory to know the name, address, phone number, email, etc of both the distributor and retailer. In some companies, they do not keep the track record of their commodity or material in the market as their only target is to sell their commodity but Yogirls keeps its track record by which the distributor makes report or review of the sale condition on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to the company. This is how Yogirls maintain their records and there is no chance for theft.

The most important thing that if any Yogirls sanitary pad, pantiliner, Yobaby i.e, baby diapers, Yosenior i.e adult diapers and under sheets or Yobed which expires in the market then the company will take back those products. These are some benefits of Yogirls distributorship. The Yogirl keeps every detail of the products and has also arranged some beautiful offers if the distributor sells the products according to the given instructions. Not all companies can come up with such amazing offers or deals. Yogirls is not only helping people through maintaining hygiene but also providing the distributor's maximum benefits.

Regulations for the Distributor

Yogirls cannot allow the distributor to distributorship/super stockiest/sale in any other form in respect of sanitary pad, diapers, under sheets of any company/brand during his distributorship. Distributors will supply sanitary products like Yobab!, Yosenior, Yobed to the allotted chains or territory. Even the distributor must have two-wheelers/three-wheelers with one delivery boy to deliver the products. There are some issues where the distributors tend to not allow the sanitary products within their territory but try to sell them in other territories. This is what Yogirls tries to keep up all the track record so that the distributors sell the products within its territory.

The most important fact that arouses is where it is kept. The company will only give the distributorship to those where the sanitary products are kept neat, clean disinfected, and cool godown. Not all companies pay attention to it. The godown needs to be a minimum of 100sq ft. It should be covered with carpet and the office area must be well furnished of 50sq ft. Some of the manufacturing companies keep the sanitary products in some unhygienic godowns which are very harmful to the people. People due to such reasons fall sick or have skin problems. Yogirls keep it hygiene and there is hardly any chance of falling into such physical issues. Even renowned sanitary companies do not pay attention to it. In any case, a distributor can decrease or increase the rate of discount by following the rate chart of the company. For proper business, it is important to follow the company policies. Billing to the retailer of the company products should be done by the distributor within its territory. The company maintaining the COVID 19 situation is accepting cheques and not granting any cash payment.

Payment Procedure

When the distributor orders for the product then it is to be first informed through email. Thereafter hard copy of the purchase order shall be done with 50% advance payment through the effect of RTGS/NEXT/DD or cheque. The distributor must assign clear details on the payment cheque. Distributorship should take responsibility for secondary sell through retailers within the distributor's territory. In case if an item is damaged and detected within 7 days of supply of products it is to be sent to the company for its issue on manufacturing defects. But once the product is sold cannot be returned at any cost when the Yogirls products are to be dispatched it is to be done by the distributor and the carrying cost is to be done by the distributor.

Why SC Dream Traders is the Best for Distributorship

We can take an example of a distributor who received benefits from Yogirls products. Sri Biswajit Maity is residing at Magurai, Pashchim Medinipur, PIN 721153 of the state of West Bengal in the country India. He is the M/s of S.B Enterprise and permanently got its distributorship residing in Magurai, Pashchim Medinipur, PIN 721153. He is the distributor who received these benefits and showed his humble gratitude towards Yogirls products. Here Sri Biswasjit Maity will be able to distribute the sanitary products in Kolaghat Block of Subdivision of Tomuluk of district East Midnapore in West Bengal. He distributes the Yogirls products within its specified territory and gives detailed information on the market sale of Yogirls products. The distributor had supplied these products with good reviews and has received rewards as given in the contract. The contract or the policy that is been given to the distributor by the company had helped Sri Biswajit Maity because Yogirls provides training. Training is important as they are several tricks or policies of how to sell materials more. They are several distributors who can sell the materials and ends up causing loss to the company. Yogirls has this special feature. The time that is provided by the company to sell the products is enough as within that time frame the distributor gets its training and can sell the products accordingly. Therefore 4 months that is given by the company is sufficient for the distributor to sell the products as much as possible. The distributor is even satisfied by selling these sanitary products as it's not only profitable but also safe for the people to buy and use it. Yogirls precisely provide legal formalities and are not careless like other companies. The distributors can firmly trust the company.

Most companies are unable to provide sufficient material. But Yogirls provides maximum materials required by the distributor. Other companies do not return things that are sold and even don’t pay penalties. Yogirls pays penalties and if damaged then the materials are been changed. Not only the distributor gets to do all these formalities but the owner himself has to undergo certain duties so that distributors can trust him. The mentor of Yogrills has to also make an annual report about the sale and provide the facility to the distributor. Yogirls has to also arrange those insurance policies and yearly tours to his distributors. Yogirls is fair to every distributor without any doubt. Yogirls tries to maintain the business on both sides in the case of the distributor and himself. This is how the company provides benefits to the distributors.